Property transfert tax

In Quebec, a municipality must collect a transfer tax on the transfer of ownership of any immovable situated in its territory. The duties on transfers of real estate is taxed upon the acquisition of the property and is payable by the purchaser in a single payment.

This tool for calculating the transfer tax is available to you so you can estimate the transfer tax that will be imposed according to the municipal valuation or purchase price of your new home.

The duties on transfers of real estate or “Welcome tax” :

The municipality in which you settle will bill you within four (4) to six (6) months of the signing of the deed of sale in an amount based upon the selling price and scaled as follows:

  • 0,50 % of amounts up to $ 50 000
  • 1,00 % of amounts between 50 000 $ and $ 250 000
  • 1,50 % of amounts over $ 250 000
Québec Welcome Tax
Selling price of property: $


Welcome tax amount :